From the President

My question is more common than most
and it deserves our full attention:

How are we going to afford
the most honest answer,
an unpopular admission,
expensive hands
or the reality of the spiral?

We offer even more!

Far more!

The greatest possible
to most of all!

In both
qualitative terms:
“The true value”

It’s not
“How are we going?”
Instead it’s
“Why do something?”

With every affirmation due a value…

We know anything –
inspired by a starting salary –
that rise to
combine with the norm,
not the exception.

We are also
very competitive
and more –
last measured
much closer to First
than Home
(an important consideration
when measured against
just above.)

A second
to those

“How can we, in a modern, global society, afford all those who believe in
unique enduring value?”

blackout composition, source: “From the President”, Fr. Kevin Gillespie, St. Joseph’s University Alumni Magazine (Fall 2013).

in situ, below…

blackout composition

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