Ask I: “I just arrived?”

Q: My daughter and cousin from Los Angeles – how they shake! I just arrived?

A: America’s safe – so that’s a relief – but don’t be complacent!

Take precautions.

You have to think whenever you walk into a crowd it isn’t always possible to leave.

The hotel? That’s more secure.

A body bag that falls in front of you with a small outside compartment? Great! You can wear it. Blaze for added protection.

Fit in a photo I.D.

No more health insurance? Don’t bother with even the smallest purchases. Every meal = morning coffee.

Blend in like black shoes in a gym.

Leave home.

Stay home too.

Arm your fingers. Search online to consider thousands of options.

When you’re on the street, talk – or walk – at people without being noticed.

Stay aware, surround the moment!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri,” Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 10/17/13.

in situ, below…

newspaper blackout

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