ASK I: “Should I remove my mind?”

Q: Should I remove my mind? You can barely see me.

A: Labels aren’t clothes.

“The required law to show and care
also goes for that big square.”

A major statement is SO prominent. No wonder!

[Name flashes.]

“The print carves so
that almost you shows –
all winter. It’s annoying –
you carve to be welded to rows.”

Tiny stitches, sometimes scissor – most will leave a tale.

Carefully pull apart one stitch at a time you don’t want to be bothered.

Remove the “I hate labels” patch on the jeans.

Stitch loose; can the resewing.

Sometimes beneath the shadow is discoloration.

All recede over time, completely still, and, while unseen, are often a nuisance, so, they should go.

It makes me applaud growing numb.

Make a stamp, tag a “T!”

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri,” Teri Agins, “The Wall Street Journal,” 12/12/13.

In situ, below…

newspaper blackout

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