DIY Home Art Installation: This World Destroys Wishes

Fabricate a 6-foot diameter sphere. Paint a map of the world on its outer surface.

Cut it in half and drive nails painted black through the inside surface so that the sharp ends point out. Do the same with an equal amount of nails painted white.

Glue it back together.

In an unused room in your house display it hanging down from the top of a 8’x8’ clear plastic display case that stands at a height of roughly 24’ (lower if absolutely necessary).

Have pens and small slips of paper on a table near a basket of unfilled balloons.

Instruct visitors write a wish on a small piece of paper then insert it one of the balloons. Have visitors blow up the balloon using a helium from a nearby tank.

Have visitors release the balloon into the display case. Observe their reactions as their balloons are popped and their wishes flutter to the bottom of the display case where they join all the other wishes popped in a similar manner.

As they leave the display case, have a Buddhist monk give each visitor who submitted a wish a playing card. The side that is face up when handed to visitors is the image of the hanging globe in the case. On the the other side of the card is the following text (or text conveying similar sentiments): “All wishes, at times, they die. Sometimes, many times. The ones that live, that become life, are those that are revived. Go forward and realize that every moment is a second chance for something.”

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