Target: Ark (Part V) – “mate!”

Dawn Thought: I knew pretty much all I know almost nothing about.

At the top of the list, I knew a hot vague notion of my foggy best. So I turned to automation – the use of technology to generate, nurture and drive behavior.

Automation automatically delivers
an action such as automation.

According to automation,
automation makes processes more efficient
by automating.

Automation is
automation to accomplish more,
get done,  improve  and make time.

According to automation,
automation automated

In my opinion,
90% of automation?
Rather automated.

Recall a time never completed;
the next day,
receive another opportunity.

A typical automation might be
automated sequences,
a series of logical steps.

(You should always
jump ahead
a step.)

Automation is often
missing in
standalone you.

The greatest danger
of automation
is automation.

For instance, automation
limited to

One becomes an accepted automation,
a box held together by a paperclip
in the shape of an ear that says “hear.”

For automation,
use automation to automate
what to automate.

The automated steps in automation include
determining actions that can be automated,
determining your automation.

blackout composition – Source: “Au-to-mate!,” Bob Bly, Target Marketing, September 2013, p. 10-11.

Part 5 of “Target: Ark” – a serial poem composed by blacking out the entire September 2013 issue of “Target Marketing” Magazine.

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