Target: Ark (Part VII) “Op Ail”

Welcome to the brand-
new list we are. Who’s
this list as well as other
lists combined with in-
formation What has com-
piled – the most complete
library of the world?

Simply put, this year’s list
is more of a reflection of
the average chart rather than
a more accurate reflection
of a stream.

In this case, looking right,
you’ll recognize some sense
and appear frequently strong.

2012 was political,
but we’ve moved!

While a mix is evident,
the weight changed
quite a bit – toward the top
and sliding back a bit.

The 50 now are six!
(This is consistent with
opening the floodgates).

It’s important to note society
has largely ended
(our Sister will keep tabs
on how this plays out).

Addition suffered a drop in
inclusion for the first time.

Business still relies – heavily –
on industries.

Companies made
in every state
going out the door.

Also fittingly asserted itself “compared to.”

It’s no surprise that nearly every week showed up, in part,
indicative of the world.

Closed to “get new?”

The Money

Going forward,
“no matter how much”
will be a constant theme
and reality.

Continue to be a “tree”
from which all the other branches
can guess.

Cards are played right.
Don’t believe me? Check the other channel.

Shift the story somewhat,
but not necessarily in the way
that most would expect –
in fact expected to expect.

Most importantly:
the big money in first place
wins again (yes, that is hard to
Next up is third place to fifth.
In other words, salt.

Per Dust?

Who’s What?
More than and?


The presence of so much…
For the dead can do it all.
Just don’t tell that to Daedalus.


The presence of the drop
now takes up 7.3% of the stream.
Alongside that drop, fewer
and far fewer surge.

1. American America, Discover Delaware!

In an E

Ail of all ail – crease!

control more
frequently repeat
the time
the year

the self
decreased to
a measly plunge

1. Direct Life, Farm Life and Liberty


Profits keep chugging along. The strategy and tactics didn’t change much.

1. The American Olympics for the Prevention of American Cruelty to the Humane


Hard-hit reality
is reflected in
the decline
in a drop


1. time
the room,
the New Money.

(consume nutrition).


A relatively small – but consistent – part remained steady (which appears to be a theme).

Point to the self more often.

1. Communication communications
cast communications.



The smallest of the here
remain consistent
from year to year –
generally hovering.


1. Crystal Princess Norwegian Viking and American Holland

blackout composition – Source: “Top 50 Mailers”, Ethan Boldt, Target Marketing, September 2013, pp. 14-22.

Part 7 of “Target: Ark” – a serial poem composed by blacking out the entire September 2013 issue of “Target Marketing” Magazine.

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