Target: Ark (Part IX) “The ‘Eat At’ Divide”

“In 1960, there were five channels.”

This is an interesting statement I recently took.

A line has become such. The mixing of a line and line becomes more a holistic view of the interaction – if that’s what you have in mind.

1. Identify object and fit

The notion of having a house is obvious. It is critical you start building the attributes that you need on your line. For example, if your line is word-of-mouth, then content may be critical. If your line is to understand, then you want to integrate line and line as your communications apply your line to prove the act is just as important as both your line and line.

2. Gap

So, what do you have? Where? What form? Structured? Multi-structured? Unstructured? Etc.?

Make a list and a fair counterpart (or, if you are not technical enough – you).

Once you have you, identify what you don’t have.

Line a much longer line. It’s the line!

3. You Need

You don’t currently have. Sometimes it is easy enough to acquire. Other times it’s not so easy.

If obtainable, create a plan to start acquiring. You’ll have!

4. Decide B

Before you answer your questions, make the decision, and, more importantly, what you want to do with it.

Dictate what type of structure you should build on a structure and work with structure.

If you are multi-structured and/or unstructured, you should examine the structured unstructured or explore multi-structured unstructured talking.

5. Keep Up!

Line or line, structured or unstructured…honestly capturing, managing, reporting is lacking magic.

Have you
experienced yourself
and so on?

6. The Tea

In the world
it’s all about –

But –

would not
shy away from
a critical place
for gathering.

blackout composition, source: “The Great Data Divide”, Cassandra Liu, Target Marketing, September 2013, pp. 29-30.

Part 9 of “Target: Ark” – a serial poem composed by blacking out the entire September 2013 issue of “Target Marketing” Magazine.

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