Target: Ark (Part X) “o by oz”

The new obituary of
the noise has always
fascinated me.

Many years ago,
I was bought for the movies.
I was ever made.

Alas, I bang a giant table
so it produces
a rich, gorgeous sound.

The Drum

I was continually delighting.
I looked like during –
and just after – World War II,

upbeat and
effusive, but
not believable.

In all the years I read,
I never thought I could
deliver all sound.

I did not have external speakers.
The sound to my mind
was all I would have.

My Accident

I blind a perfectionist
and a devotee of classical music
by inferior sound.

I engineer –
in realized experienced,
in indirect meaning.

I bounce off the wall and the ceilings
before reaching
the realization.

I form early
stereo based on

I design multiple surrounding walls,
rather than listen to the sound and,
in essence, the larger sound.

Holy shit!
Of course –
no walls, ceiling and floor!

David Ogilvy Here

“I do not regard entertainment
an art form, but as a medium
of information.

“When I don’t want you to
tell me that you find it,
I want you to find it.


blackout composition – Source: “Bose Ads Created by Bozos,” by Denny Hatch, Target Marketing, September 2013, p. 34.

Part 10 of “Target: Ark” – a serial poem composed by blacking out the entire September 2013 issue of “Target Marketing” Magazine.

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Part X: “o by Oz

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