Freudian Slips

Freud costs American companies billions of dollars a year.

Avoiding anything Freud has almost immediate health benefits.

“In my country, we have a saying – ‘Bitter juice comes from bitter Freud.'”

Those who say you can’t Freud a man to death are wrong.

The discriminating consumer stays away from anything that is clearly labeled “Freud.”

Pitiful is the man who thinks himself Freud when still fettered in mental shackles.

“I’ve had enough of you, Freud,” said Baron von Getzinghiemer as he raised his suspenders to his shoulder.

His Freud shirts betrayed him as the pretender that he was.

“I’ve been Freud!” cried the disgraced psychoanalyst at his sentencing hearing.

His obsession with hand-washing began during his Freud year at Harvard.

In the end, he proved to be nothing but the typical fair-weather Freud.

Our most precious memories, all of our hopes and dreams, were lost in The Great Freud.

“Do you have any idea how much grief this Freud has caused my family?”

Tread carefully, for many paths are Freud with danger at every turn.

Once he ran out of Freud, he found himself drifting further away from all that was familiar, stranded and alone.

“You’re nothing but a Freud!” she cried. “You belong in a cage at the circus with the other Freuds.”

Don’t Freud over opportunities missed – make new ones!

His jaw already half gone from Mason’s shotgun blast, he was quite a Freud as he slowly and methodically kept coming toward us.

I’m a Freud that’s it for now.

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