the rightfully Because

reinvigorated who
and strong so through the larynx through

in on the my the by the sea
compassion fiercely motor me
my rag top wants a rag belly

the police are best performed deformed
a void where teeth meet some black gum
so breathe the deaf wink form wink form
so wreath the death wince from wince from

stationiers for stations – right
provide alive that polecat – fright
old shots of ghosts rifling – the night
searching for invite – slight

worn a hear to live alive
a yobo’s leer writ cut by dye
a good make not all wink some sky
a shine in that enquirer’s eye

for showing
Clare raged
clear led
glare clear
for showing
Clare clear
glare Lear

for glowing
rare caged
Lear read
Clare clear
for glowing
stare Lear
glare clear

Hardy workshops might move me
sometimes my leisures wallow
I am a connoisseur of current desire
I’m told and then I follow

the fiercely wanting motive me
will drafter so polemic be
the knot entwined enshrined shapee
and deadly deadline wingspan spree

wouldst thou like fairways that lie flat
from divots in the head
I see your Deere is not a Cat
my Lear was three times read

I rob the such and often that
and too and not the fairground rat
that benchmark could be from a cat
but not a bat sir, no sir, no sir no sir,
not here sir, no, no, no, never a bat


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