I told what I could Tell

I led the procession through the threshold
I held the thresh to be thrashed
I posted letters for a Nightingale
I left the corned beef hashed

I held the vole from Persia
I persisted with persuasion
I volunteered for service
I felt the fusion was too asian

I perspired hung by fingertips
I velveted the trees
I Elvised in a dream of fame
I fell straight through my knees

I veiled the rays I made with slop
I eulogized our poetry
I devised a flame from rain
I fled the Nets that harbored me

I euthanized my car for parts
I detailed paisley flames
I deviled ham in Hormel plants
I bled green at football games

I detailed all the vague moments
I demonized the garden’s flowers
I Bolted thanks to lazy locks
I sled against gravity’s powers

I demarcated crossing points
I bailed straight through the Hull
I slid inside the long white lines
I sold what I could cull

I balanced talking shoulders
I skipped straight to the bell
I sighed out in proportions
I told what I could Tell

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