Workouts That Do Nothing For You: Isometric Taco Pull

Workout: Isometric Taco Pull

Muscle groups worked: Pecs, forearms, triceps, deltoids.

  1. With feet shoulder width apart, hold a large, hard taco shell out in front of you with the four fingers of each hand inside the shell (thumbs down).
  2. Pull outwards very gently until the taco feels like it is ready to break.
  3. Stop.
  4. Repeat 10 times for a complete set.
  5. Do three sets.
  6. On last rep on the final set, hold the position for 30 minutes or until you feel the burn.

For a change of pace: Substitute a soft taco shell.

To work out additional muscle groups: Use feet and toes instead of hands and fingers to exercise calves and quads.

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