Feeling blue? What’s new that might be aging you?

Feeling blue? What’s new that might be
aging you? What condom methods do you
use when love calls? Are you sure your
protection is up to par?

There’s just something special about
a real human touch whether you’re working
online or offline, whether you’re screaming
out loud or flopping around on short native
grass, whether you grow only 8-feet tall or
you’re a million miniatures strong.

No matter what, you’re bound to be
bound less. You’re a ton of different types of
ribbons, dividers, ornaments, corners, word
balloons, hearts, stars, and so much more each
used in a multitude of ways in emails or doggie treats
and just about anything else you can think of like:

Do Humans Have a Hard-Wired Preference for
Entertainment Industry Jobs?

If you had to, would you know what to do
to get the training and skills you need to ID
Nazi-Looted Art?

If your children’s lives depended on it,
could you run the fourth-largest professional
ballet company in Texas?

Would you be able to draw a detailed chart
indicating where everything is not flowing the way
it should without make the chart look like your

you’re square enough to boil water and cook,
you find yourself often asking “what can’t protein and iron do?”
you’ve never passed directly through the sun

Now, at last, it’s your turn
to choose relief as briefly as possible,
to outweigh the benefits,
to let the batter run slowly down
the skillet and then throw to first,
to come in out of the rain in the form of
soggy chunks of bread and go back out
into the rain in the form of Grandma’s Hearth
Artisanal Croutons,

to jump
out of
a Flickr with
three eyes closed
and all mouthes open

to like love better
chock-full of a stylized
love megaphone
for your I Love U Messages
like “let’s monetize our relationship
and deliver ROI over the long term,”

But if you think the future is scary,
try getting inside the head of your

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