The Model Where No One Works and Everyone Has a Jetpack

The basic problem of Humanity writ large
is the manifestation of actual humans, witless and small.

If two heads are better than one, at which quantity of heads do you start seeing diminishing returns and just keep adding more mouths to heed?

It’s difficult to make a decent buck off exorcisms in Indianapolis,
but you can’t blame a man for lying.

Continue until intervention –
it’s the modern way to stop.

Reporters Without Leaks helped produce All Things Being Equal
a custom state of fake exchange getting the word out of The Chicago Sun-Times.

I’m not asking what the picture will look like.
I’m asking what the focus will look like.

I’m not asking who’s on dirt,
I’m asking who’s on wreckin’.

What if I threw in the rooms with the house too?

If you like the idea of the result,
under which conditions would you not love 10 results?

If you don’t know six ways to Sunday,
why not trying learn ten and pick the six that stick?

If you try to think only of the absence of smoothness,
beware of falling into the rut of thinking about the smoothness.

Correlation does not imply causation,
unless “correlation” is the safe word
for “stop doing ‘Sexy Terminator Voice.'”

I didn’t mean to burst your bubble, but I really needed to I see if my pin was
still sharp.

A Tea Party that doesn’t make ample room for some
good old-fashioned tea-bagging would seem to lack a certain gayness.

I kept asking for more, but all I got were mores.

Is graduate-level economics where you finally figure out the model
that gives you guns AND butter?

Is post-doctoral-level economics where you finally figure out the model
were no one works and everyone has a jetpack?

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