ASK I: “I need to move necks?”

Q: I am a professional wife. I need to move necks?

A: Neck about that ideal face.


Necks can be flat men.

Neck or shave heads everybody can wear.

Too mature guys will need to neck and sweat, varying thicknesses and styles.

“Pull out and shoot!”

Angle the tack to the wall. See yourself as the world.

A full neck will fold around the neck, creating lots of loose skin.

Consider a neck which can either hit your collarbone or raze your illusion.

The ring keeps your eye moving.

Hiding? Don’t feel you need to hide.


Choke mature European men casually around their necks.

Walk tall with their heads and have a winning smile.

Weigh nobody, notice your promise!

blackout composition; source: “Ask Teri”, Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 2/13/14

in situ, below…oh…actually, I need to clean the 1st graph up…oh, well…


newspaper blackout

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