fire works repeatedly

a note
a shattered windshield
the abstract flower
certain frequently occurring compounds
with an earthier, warmer connotation of
CANCEL. Cancellation. Cancelled. Canceller. Cancellers. Cancelling
as one who speaks to
melt away
as one who
should have
no such thing, none in the world, nothing whatever, nothing at all, nothing on earth,
not a thing detached
or out of tune, out of place, out of season

out of the normal chain of
rational command
this is an up-to-date repository of all my
fallacy of vision
such stuff as dreams are made
at odds with the world
out of their element remaining
left behind the left over all
all-embracing all-important all-inclusive all-pervading all-round
behaviours beholden
on a doorstep or
behind a bookshelf
any phrasing
allay allayed allaying
consistent with
the relative perception of
the pre-human stage in our collective

in order to make it so
we’ve switched out the
no such thing, none in the world,
nothing at all, nothing what so ever, nothing on earth
at variance with
the subliminal elements
brought to us by
the forces used to be
quite vague on those matters

like that fire
which works our works
worms our wounds
flickers off and on

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