are you interested in becoming

a together thing
an interesting new detail
a bridge between
the Casino and the Cathedral
only 60 minutes in heavy traffic
and a 2-minute walk from
Europe, Africa, USA East of
sad, hilarious, moving, and deeply insightful
idiocy and hypocrisy of
real, vivid, and interesting
truths about
conjugations of empire
under unidentified conditions

it’s becoming more and more valuable to
pertain to be
highly efficient and effective
at looking bright
drilling down into goo
trying to get better on
other factors such as
inclusion of basic information
pleasing chemistry
quick turnarounds on
turnaround situations
after missed exits
to challenge questions
never asked:
ever wondered why?
you are not sure about Time Zones?
you’re in luck?
what is your clunky?
what is your your conversational alternative?

half the leg-work
is now code for
you can design your own
ful contacts
between the spark and
the powder
learn how to hit
your battleground
without forgetting the ammo again
close every open door
from a panel on the side of house
and bash San Francisco
within short walking distance from
San Francisco
so you are heard
with minimal amplification

belief in
evidence to the contrary
is a truism
more clear
than transmission
in the extreme

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