allow me to express how much I love your strep throat

occasions collected!
of each shall there be an equal weight
unstimulated saliva and then
Karma chewed
by the Clear Species!

we should pass
your lips between
a couple of things…
the nerves etc.,
A Sleigh Ride,
The Silver Bells,
The Gift of Gold!

Throughout it all
I will stay close to you
inside of your ring or
the girdle encircling your body

for within the normal range
of my emotions
is a place to store
any cool, dry
whitening of rain,
any solstice or prism,
any flare gun needed to
help the bowels wake faster
and prevent the post-surgical
“My drs say no well”

I love you and I want to help you,
and ask nothing in return, except
that you remember to pull level 422
for me, Wayne Lidster, Republican
candidate for State Senate, in the
upcoming May 5th primary.

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