to a town twining away

who led revels
on two-read levels,
twirled leaves,
lured twine
to a town twining away

rued red whirls,
cured two deaf girls,
twirled leaves
on twine
through frowns towning away

who flew furls,
warred with grey squirrels,
twirled leaves
shined twine,
downtown browning away

rued lead curls,
slurred too, left swirls,
twirled leaves,
twined time,
towned gowns, locking away

who threw hurls,
insured the Earls,
twirled leaves
dined, twined,
town crown crowning away

rued red perils,
moored Two False Pearls,
twirled leaves,
twined vines,
own town drowning away

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