sometimes you are blind and I am a smiling mouth

you are blind and I am
a smiling mouth
and all you do is brush my teeth with your fingers
and say,
“I am doing the will of Him who sent me!”

“Seven times on the Cross
He was offered a type of drug to ease His pain,
but He refused it!

“Seven times the doctor
sat me on his all-purpose examination table
and painted a tiny Rush Limbaugh
running around in a squirrel cage
on my stomach!

“Seven times I dreamt of
running through the streets with arrows
sticking out of my boobs
with a mild sense of nausea
looking for a emotionally depleted
toxic shock Elvis.

“Seven times God puts on my heart
and mind
and body
and goes to some friends’ house
and says ‘Crunches, leg raises and sit-ups
just aren’t going to cut it if we all want to be
the next Hulk. So let’s join a goddamn gym
and get seriously pumped!'”

“And seven times my friends
say to him
‘There’s something different about you.
I don’t know what it is.
Maybe it’s the cuts on your fingers?'”

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