I know Your Struggle personally!

I know Your Struggle personally!

I call Your Struggle “Paula Abdul”
and Your Struggle knows I am referring
to it.

Your Struggle presents an inability
to control the movements of others
or to detect sensations
like doorbells being pressed
against the side of her head.

The good news is that Your Struggle
is attending an ivyleague college next year
is very popular
is captain of the lacrosse team.

*      *      *      *      *

Your Struggle scores easy goals by
releasing emotional pain and intense doubts
in the long sticks and giving the middies
sore throat, shortness of breath, redness, pain,
swelling, or a sore/wound that doesn’t end
at the horizon, but wraps over the horizon
and comes back up over the other horizon
and settles in their rears in the form of
a disgusting, mammoth hemorrhoid they
can’t stop itching, no matter how hard
their coach is screaming at them to
“pick up your man” – leaving the opposing
goal defenseless.

in this manner
Your Struggle scores hundreds of goals
in each game and is
a lacrosse goddess.

*      *      *      *      *

I have an unconscious
mythology of
Your Struggle and me
sitting on a throne
on a mountain
after slaughtering all the other
Gods with bolts of an oily discharge
fired from our lacrosse sticks,
liking our hair, soap
and other wound care products,
being our own doctors,
giving ourselves 5 stars on
being active into medical forums,
giving off good advice like,
“Electric fences can give
your sickly, nasty bacteria to other people.
So be considerate and never rub up and down
against an electric fence with an open wound
no matter how good it may feel.”

*      *      *      *      *

Your Struggle and I
engage in trust-building actions,
touching dental instruments to
everything we can in rat-infested areas
and performing oral surgery
on each other,
putting a small amount of
yogurt on the tips of our fingers
and then gently inserting our
fingers into each other’s
open heart,
attending family functions
where we witness my beautiful niece
born over and over again vomiting “holes”
then consuming a mirror
spread with MRSA-sharing equipment.

*      *      *      *      *

Your Struggle let’s me keep
my mind on what matters
which is my lost ear and
escaping the prison of
muscle soreness,
shared gym equipment,
and a hand sanitizer addiction.

And for this, I thank you
for Your Struggle.

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