your hair, my head

your hair
my head

your scalp
my causing the hair to appear on your scalp

your own hair with its own hands
my own hands with their own hair

your hair in my head of your hair
my head in your hairy hand

your hair elsewhere on your body
my hair in the immediate vicinity of your hair

your hair growing in the middle of my heart
my hair growing on the border of a photograph

your hair collecting in an old mushroom can
my hair going to bed in your carpet, your sheets, your mattress, etc.

your what to do if the fungus survives
my permanent lumps, bumps, and things that go itch

your bathing ring
my discolored grooming items

your ring-like whorles
my circular and sometimes red sores

your best body not resembling a worm
my dear sweet infected animal

your skin that has scissors
my cap over your head for about a week

your partner with apple green glow wax
my neck which is plain water

your herpes
my jock itch

your empty dishwasher
my friends

your Great Dane haven
my kitten claws your veterinarian

your handful of feline infectious diseases
my cat cleaning the everyday objects

your tips against pinworm
my fears of a good idea

your thicker than it was
my contagion

your blue star under a microscope.
my hairdresser properly sterilizing the instruments used

your rottweiler petting my face with his tail
my abssynian smells soooo bad

your ragdoll
my refilling your ragdoll with rags

your looking for a five star reboot
my arm inside an alpaca

your skin’s worthiness
my seems like alls i eats is men

your handy Velveeta Cheese Wheel
my rapid prototyping

your KRAFT Cheese Sleep Train
my Walgreens washcloth

your good thing jar
my little girl body

your mouth growth
my angel from USA

your teens has colic
my gut tells me this isn’t hair

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