Love is that great unconquerable

you’re in a leaky rowboat
you’re pregnant
kind of like the gestational diabetes
I am running into –
the same thing

I have seen the world inside your head
and know that all things are possible
but from that position,
I can never see into the car
to accurately identify the shooter.

(And I don’t mean a creek that you can jump across with the help of a pole)
I will feel certain of your love


it’s not just some old wives tale –
waiting to say ‘I love you’ just a while longer can
leave dark pieces
of ass garbage
all over the DJ

According to the rock group, The Beatles,
“Marry someone whose
parents say,
‘Water can change you.
in a hopeless place, babe.'”

I know you’re coming from a heavy smoking family
where your heart is all pulled out
in tangles of Spanish electricity

and maybe that’s not enough
to keep me stuck in
in the air
and keep them floating
through vents

(I am baring my soul here because I believe
Over the past year I’ve acquired four wool t-shirts)

I can remember being nervous the first time I
fell completely in love with
with the way that God
uses God

The truth is I love my body for what it can do –
a significant amount of money,
deciding to turn one way or the other,
blurting out "I love you,
great King!"
"I will always love you, Selena Gomez!"
"I love that
back in the Dark Ages
nobody can pump gas, and
supermarkets couldn’t operate
– stupid dark ages people!
Most of you will die of plague!"

I love the freedom of my

I have thoughts of running
a kennel full of unruly
footsteps all
my own
how I love to
rupture –
and thank goodness!

Soon, I’ll be throwing myself into
myself with yourself
I’ll let the pictures speak more than the words
under the video
In other words,
we’ll be
electric retractable Happiness
like you digging deep into
like a
gigantic backpack
finding the
delicate lace
purchased on eBay
(I know the prices on Ebay really well)
I’ll put you in.

Our hearts are full because of
the meds
and as you can see from the ‘before’ photos
of our failed second and third marriages
entered into with similar conviction
some reminders of not going
running into the ocean
are simply too weak
to conquer the unconquerable.

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