if runs along the railway line

if a dimension greater
if the tides roll further
if fields and other waste
if the leaf shape existing on
if electric wires combine
if organized by transparent gray
if on opposite ends of the runway
if testing glass
if equally visually
if light-dependent
if infections common to burns
if gentle along the rough branch
if the runway ends
if printed through the depth of the slab
if attributed to an iridescent Tempest
if air flows suiting
if leaving only the encircling
if in grackles dream
if the shallow places provide ideally lustre
if honey bees are secured into a small harness made from a piece of drinking straw
if every rock sustained, so likely to have been carried
if encrusted and dried every few seconds
if no less effective
if dams and floodwalls have been erected along the river
if diving air masks logbook memory
if the body is hard
if in a tandem knot
if high definition weather and its tributaries to the smaller range mantles
if at depths between
if by fitting around
if now a new for any given
if the latter width, but wider
if lapsing sunlit
if fire yellows
if map and model
if like a water lily
if runs along the railway line

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