score for texting orchestra

arrange for a full symphony orchestra to be on stage giving a concert before an audience. equip each member of the orchestra with a cellphone. throughout the performance, text each member of the orchestra one by one. instruct each orchestra member that when they receive a text, they are to stop playing, take out their cellphones and engage in a text chat. instruct the conductor to continue to conduct the ever-dwindling number of orchestra members still playing an instrument. once all players have received their texts, the conductor should be left conducting an orchestra which is entirely silent and engaged in text chats for at least a full minute. text the conductor and continue the performance in utter silence for a suitable period of time.

alternate scoring:

have the audio notification of each text message sent and received by the performers amplified throughout the P.A. system, so that just prior to receiving his own text message, the conductor is “conducting” to a cacophony of text message notifications.

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