The Episodes

in this episode, a Boston terrier’s eye is removed without sufficient anesthesia, then people in the town of Michigan are grateful

in this episode, the “messenger from God” comes from the English town of Peyton, meaning “village of the warrior”

in this episode, homes are restricted to some real or imaginary boundaries

in this episode, the patient gradually recognizes the streets of Cowboy Town, Wyo

in this episode, a one-named rapper with a hyphen in his name is made from tap water or, worse yet, comes from the factory in huge blocks

in this episode, a cigarette case is present

in this episode, everyone lives in a smallish town, and just wants the best medical treatment for themselves

in this episode, love exhibits a day or so after physical exercise

in this episode, anonymous callers, doctors, nurses, neighbors, school teachers, will turn to medicine as they have done numerous times

in this episode, I was constrained while the rats could come and go

in this episode, we get happily lost while they dance to themselves to ashes

in this episode, a puppy is being trained to distinguish between a flickering and a steady light

in this episode, cleaning one’s hands removes more than physical contaminants – it also removes the “pure heart”

in this episode, kindergarteners are working with new fuels to find one that burns more cleanly than petrol

in this episode, the village’s primary worry is not starvation

in this episode, there’s a build-up of pleasure/pain to the point that you feel your vision starting to get weird

in this episode, student-made cheese causes an open fracture

in this episode, Portugal is relevant to world affairs

in this episode, all the good you’ve done up until now is erased in an instant

in this episode, frustrated drivers lean on their horns in traffic while the bodies are removed from the vehicle

in this episode, it doesn’t matter the time of day or if one’s bathing suit is still wet

in this episode, the local architecture is built to support the weight of snow

in this episode, a dumpster in an alley serves as a private sanctuary within the city

in this episode, cats are aloud

in this episode the name means the opposite of what it really is, and is hence, ironic

in this episode, it is suddenly cool to be Interested in ghost stories and folklore

in this episode, the challenge is to learn to stay present while trapped in an empty vat

in this episode, erect posture is maintained through fever and convulsions

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