If only Love were limited to preventing the possible internal damage caused by Love

oh, hit man energy slacker,
what is it like to persist for long periods of time,
to operate a cylinder of SJP NYC Pure Crush
Kouros Perfume Pyramids, to think we’re just going to add
more rocks to make beautiful hollow chocolate shapes
like a real chocolatier!

Is this what love is?

Aldehydes, I/you never think about
an electric motor-powered beater bar
and a long suction tube made of sturdy metal,
plus a Shark-easy spray/steam Dixie mop with steam-energized cleanser
until you need it.

Is that what love is – the time when you need it?

Swapper, storing to cinematographic or
tongueless glimmer Bed Head Urban Anti-Shampoo,
do you like dim light in restaurants?
Do you use recipes similar to Gojjavalakki / huliavalakki /
substance communication coupling system #10?
Does a physical connection between the nerve tips
help get you through the activities that you love, like dancing
or swimming for long-term service in high vibration environments?
Do you use Positive orange vibrations
to keep the smile on your face platforms fixed?
Do you enjoy the plays of sweet roundhouse kicks like a pro?

Is there anything in the above that makes you think “LOVE!”?

Treasure Seeker, don’t let anyone try to tell you
the treasure is all in your head or something stupid like that –
you’ll only beat your own head open with a pickaxe
and be disappointed when there are no diamonds in the brain goo.
Make a tea by lightly crushing five fresh or dried soccer kids
via isochronic tone and binaural beats
to entrain brain waves to desired long-lasting hydration without the use of
Jack Black Face Buff
(pronounced …Drink Mix, 23.5 oz (669 g) (SIX PACK) B001E0S3CM)

If somewhere in that process you find love, please text
as soon as u know.

Ms. Proudly Lactose Intolerant, there’s nothing like a little maple water
to Report Awesome Foam or stable mixtures of a gas phase
fracturing, matrix acidizing, gravel packing or sand control, and the like,
to awaken your senses with wellbore cleanout, gravel packing,
acid diversion, fluid loss control, and finely crushed
Diatomaceous Earth Flower & the team’s steerable gore pressure.

But I can’t see how this is love.

Learning in Any Subject not only can you help your
skin surround your eyes,
but build up resistence with minimal distortion
to China made of copper.

But does it increase your ability to Love
or withstand the pains of love?

Surgically Repaired Ball of Crepe Paper,
the cheerleaders are wearing meat-pinatas,
unaltered cats or cats altered later in life
are rolled from hand to hand without squeezing.

Where is the love in that?
Please be specific.

55 Colored Grass Questionnaires,
Bloodless castration is generally accomplished by using an emasculatome (i.e., burdizzo; Figure 2) or elastic band.

What does this have to do with love?

Alas, if only Love were limited to preventing
the possible internal damage caused by love.

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