Ask I: “I’m too flippy when you walk?”

Q: I’m loving the new flippy flare, but not too much if it is long. I’m too flippy when you walk?

A: Track ways to work.

You time a bore.

Trust has prevailed, so it’s “Goodbye welcome flare now flippy.”

Cut – as always – the right proportions.

Watch out for too much juvenile experimenting.

Cover solid shades sturdy.

Avoid bias.

Circle a poodle.

Ski any ski.

Gather both hips in dumpy-ville.

Steer clear of gore.

Look like the best examples of the trumpet.

Flip control.

Tailor the arrow and then release gradually starting at mid-thigh.

Just flow across the bottom.

Own a heavy navy.


Act like almost 2 inches below my knees.

Better HAS TO be good.

Belt a longer worn left open worry.

View a flare with an unbroken flare.

Pump short, bootie wedge!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, Teri Agains, “The Wall Street Journal,” 9/11/14.

in situ, below…

newspaper blackout

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