Harbor Detective Searching for Songs With Titles Like “Kill Other Race Cars”

Maybe you could
tell me what the lifeless feeling that drags
the empty hook back
feels like.

Maybe you could
make that sound
when you’re ravenously hungry and
you slice too quickly
and you cut off your fingertips
more happy-sounding.

Maybe you could
lean over
and show me
your wound
on purpose –
how it is still open
and exposed –
and I can ink
a funny tattoo around it.

Wait! Before you
close the door,
here’s an even crazier thought –
maybe you could
carve a canoe out of me
and sit in me
and paddle us up a river
deep into the land
and we could disappear together.

OK. I get it.

But think about what I said
and get back to me.

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