Alice in a commercial printing carded packaging case study

this is the postcard view of out there
stranded and straggling
just a matter of "brain chemistry"
step-by-step anywhichcolor mind-explosion
launched in the town of hot weather and alcohol
where the birds are better dressed than you are
bridging the gap between stripes on flowers to
the more experimental aspects of seamless
Baby Pygmy Hippo light Slivers
of piles dainty, tiny and elusive
valuable sources of protein
there’s so more to do than hand feed the playful
the Tiny burning-soul
of Panama
in goat trance
a Grey Capped
Smiley Face
perched beside the fruit of a
pet Scream Contest
I’d love to frame
a volcano
less accurately, as songbirds
your favourite
Personalisable falcon bird stickers
on the sodden forest trails
slowly winding
to a mixture
of footsteps crunching through
head pops
killer seahorse Decollage
ENDLESS Public Awareness of
The eggs
in the proximity of
incredibly neat
stew complete with the abundant
sun foods
I discovered
the powdered Empire Eurasian slow loris Goose Building Ensemble
But these are the
catfish gold parrots
4 stripe damsel green goby yellow clown clown
Smells Like
(A) white yarn (B) blue yarn (C) black yarn (D) olive yarn (E) yellow yarn
shimmering beauty….
derived probably from
graceful neck drips
Fern curves
invented by the
spinning light, jerked out of the
eating itself
Royal Target Spot
: It’s just music
writing music
a madrigal set in
1 Inch Square Images
a White-eye
that never happened
ask the top of my head
from astronomy-to-zoology
This Bird changes, change-running, chord-scale
of the Flower (Drag
collected facts:
the boat
surrounded by thousands of
Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish …
as small as a pencil eraser
After Soaking in Their Waters
if you put
nearby machines
in the bottle of cork
ravens are found
in The Books Of Eden
on the eve of the first world war
before You Embark on the Road to
Glory Road
shut your eyes, and imagine
truth-seeking & Biblical …
history that you are living in
in relation to
street drifting on shiny black sealed pavement, and then
telling the
story of a man …
Whether it’s the slowpoke in the left lane or the guy
On the road to
the facts about speed cameras
the Bridge of Flowers
the need to Keep
determined to find evidence of a lost civilization
all else
is apparent

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