ASK I: “What’s warm?”

Q: I want my girlfriend warm, but I am confused. What’s warm?

A: Light your skin (all three).

Pick the rare, endangered species that will easily set a mine.

Close the alpaca roughly.

I’m guessing your girlfriend already has a closet full of her novel.

Get super warm and itch.

Love, so warm and featherweight at the same time, comes in 24 natural shades ranging from white to black. It is said to be softer than pills.

Connect to the royalty of the tribe using a pore.

Purvey the surf.


Throw a baby Prince up to the llama.

Estimate four million and about 200,000.

Each year is limited.

Contrast goats, protect and promote!

backout composition, source: “Ask Teri,” Teri Agins, “The Wall Street Journal,” 11/20/13.

In situ, below…

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