New Years Resolutions Derived from Sunday Coupon Inserts

Resolve to bring out the best in me.
Face the world with a bright outlook.
Establish a healthy routine that works for my family.
Keep the medicine cabinet stocked for sneezes, sniffles and pain.
Tackle savings on perfect football snacks.
Enjoy a sweet year without all the calories from added sugar.
Resolve to eat dessert.
Live a big, bold, flavor filled life.
Help minimize blood sugar spikes.
Be prepared for my next cold sore.
Break up tough power clumps with the five-sided paddle sak.
Give them comfort without harsh chemicals.
Protect devices from damaging leaks.
Stay calm, cool and connected.
Help avoid an expensive septic disaster.
Be 4X more effective.
Choose vitamins & supplements recognized by experts.
Help fight the flu before it starts.
Join the mission to save handwriting & see how awesome I can be.
Map out a brand new start for my family.
Get relief when I need it most.
Meet the new eye candy of the candy aisle.
Stay strong, stay active.
Discover a snack with more protein.
Don’t just survive. Be completely satisfied.
Start feeling better.
Get relief without causing harsh side effects.
Choose juice. Not syrup.
Fill up on good times.
Move to a world of color.
Don’t drop the ball on game day.
Charm my guests.
Try Wheaties with chocolate milk.
Switch to the more potent multi-vitamin.
Make today steak worthy.
Fill my year with goodness.
Feel fresh and new.
Experience a freshness that lasts.

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