ASK I: “I need a match?”

A: I am on a mission. I need a match?

Q: Your week is a rendezvous with peaks and valleys.

The usual happens between strangers.

Think of the first week of a final exam.

Enjoy the journey between – like souls.

It’s is always a date in Manhattan.

Lay. Fall. Sweat. Love. Your shoes or boots walk on.

Have your hair.

Blow out a ring of streets.

Don’t forget your neck.

Faint flat with a puff.

Be modest with a cross.

Wrap Fall in a sweater.



Frame your pretty ear and wear out a lure.

Flow and sense.

Security May, be delightful!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri,” Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 11/13/14

in situ, below …

newspaper blackout

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