because I was an illness

she says
because I was
because I was
an illnesses
I think
I will go willingly if asked
to an accident
of power
unthinkable wax
and is that reason enough to turn
the way books
are easier read than said
it’s easy to imagine
an uphill battle
in an earlier version of
slaughter and its methodology
being recorded by a camera
we need
dead air
in a home never tongue-tied
the viewer
and other mundane details
flashpoints inside of the street
we need that human feedback to reassure ourselves that
we need to be alone

*      *      *      *      *

she does not mix well
after all the times she’s lost
tapping either foot
when ruminated upon
even those gone in death
remain unable to explain
various aspects of the phantom
linger in a room with lots of
minor adjustments to mirrors
after the arrival of a
there is something important to remember about disputants
tiny heads at ground level
the age sliders and body hair
a cast is place
for a period of seizures
a shred
remains longest where
we seem to be
that spatial look
characterized by being crushed
back as soon as possible
entailing loss of
all of the seemingly dead
hours of cold application
Orion events
during the Avatar
your name
upon the seal
upon the end of days

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