Wilt Chamberlain Piece 1

Imagine Wilt Chamberlain churning butter.

Imagine that the Big Dipper is using a standard-size butter churn, despite the fact that he is 7’1”.

Imagine the pain shooting through up and down his spine as he is hunched over the churn.

Feel with him the humiliation of being Wilt Chamberlain, the greatest player in NBA history, being forced to churn butter in such a stooped and painful condition.

See the tears drip from Wilt the Stilt’s eyes as he endlessly churns. See him mouth the words,
“How much longer?”

Think of the inhumane cruelty involved in putting him there.

Go to your refrigerator and take out a stick of butter. After the butter softens, place a candle in the butter and light it, saying aloud “Thank you Wilt Chamberlain,” then blow out the candle.

Place butter back in refrigerator and later use on pancakes, toast, coffee rolls or wherever butter is used.

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