my gentle, loving and utterly older Edible Cap

it’s always been understood:

cakes and breads
add charm to
kittens & kin
on the loose

Certain genetic diseases make the victim more in a hurry. Sort of …

Haribo Sugarless Gummy Bears
are the species most commonly farmed
in other areas of the
‘Little Tummy’

(ANY mention of this to other people makes
their skulls into a structural model of the cross –
so don’t all Edward Snowden on us)

in a world yearning for iconbunny HOMESCHOOLED Labradoodles
and winsome Wheatens
sometimes you have to be the shit
and sometimes you have to be the shit test
copiously checking the shit for color, consistency, amount, shape, odor,
and the presence of mucus, hidden (occult) blood, fat,
meat fibers, bile, white blood cells and sugars

is this
the face
so eager to
fill that strangely
absent much older
group of flawed but marvelous
creatures that came before humans?

Another question:

Good Lord Where Can I Hide?

Surely not inside
Pixar’s great mascot, Luxo Jr.,
or the Iron Giant?

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