Massage Parlor Lies

Merely rubbing.
A man has a right to be rubbed,
Ain’t no type of
geisha thing going on; just a little

Pay them
and they just
rub you
like a chiropractor, totally
on the up and up, nothing
racy or risqué.

Loosens up my back.
Isn’t true at all what you heard about that happy
ending shit.
Shame on you for even thinking that.


Suddenly, not so subtle motion
there in left field. He’s
running naked as a jaybird.
Eeeww!” “I didn’t need to see that.” “Keep going!”
A scene of R-rated Chaplin unfolding.
Keystone cops chasing down
errant drunk in a short-lived one-man

Wanted Poster

Who’s that?
A criminal
Not a nice man at all
Terrible things he’s done
Evil in those eyes
Don’t ever want to meet him, but

Pass him
On the street?
Sssshhh! Slink away
To tell the police
Enough to nab him and you’ll get a

Belonging (no. 2)

being inside
entered into that world
level with all things
one with the one and the many
no more pushing against the barriers
granted access
in the innermost circle
no more a lesser than
giving up the self to fusion

Belonging (no. 1)

Blows through the
entrance, no waiting in
line, no rope line lullabies,
onward loudly into this loud
night to
gin and tonics at the V.I.P bar
inside upstairs.
Nice place I own here, ain’t it


convertible, tooth-whitening bone white
a car for girls
oys never caught dead driving one
ag tops should have little pink flowers
drove one once when I was the lesser drunk
n some dark artery bleeding out from the 3AM heart of San Francisco
eft me within a year, she did
lemental properties of attraction and distraction kicking in
elling her “this new one just might be the someone else you’ve been waiting for”

always hated those cars
hated them more ever since