1. Und Duress

Old-time house number and favorite heart of every decade. Cons don’t want spam. They don’t want to be treated like numbers. They don’t want to have to tell you information they’ve already told you. They want to be able to buy stuff – all of those things effectively connecting (not wasting) time. From that point of view, a relatively good thing isn’t an invasion. It misrepresents right. Like apparatus experiments, the myth remains – unfair and wrong, blatantly manipulative and vaguely fascist. When they hear what they think when they hear, no one stops to only hear. This is a loop on what that means. No one asking, “Does this really start in an oil derrick?” In the discussion, make that clear as love.

blackout poem, source material: “Data Under Duress”, Thorin McGee, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, p. 7.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

2. Van Looks

Challenge: Acquire a cloud pipeline, more appointments of appointments.

Pleasant names knew the problem right away: the fourth and secondary functions of relationship wouldn’t be enough to succeed.

So a beaver says: “Target logistics launched at the front end of the population into three critical templates of six to eight segments and the [using the tool] personalized ‘from’ name recognition. From there, visibility into the behavioral activities on the phone allows the conversation.”

What all that adds up to is the pipeline is in the pudding!

blackout poem, source material: “RA Advantage Looks to Cloud for Leads”, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, p. 8.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

3. Bolts to do Without

It’s a concept
wrapping around equations
into the Beyond.

New Display is becoming more
than just words coinciding with
results in universal videos, photos,
and social attention away from
language and devices used,
to be inserted in with a blue marker
(instead of the default red one).

Comparison –
comparing things –
(for now, comparison) –
is the gateway to extensions
by allowing behavior
within preferences.

Interest means certain intent –
behavior as expressed
through patterns in the Dawn.

* * * * *

Increasingly new tools
are needed.

an upgrade
the upgrade.
Includes: the upgrade.

* * * * *

recently announced
its effort
to make a cloud
for mailing
the new technology –
the first in a series
of print volumes.

blackout poem, source material: “5 Ways to Do Paid Search Without Keywords,” Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, p. 10

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

4. Be the Place in Shoes

Time for another pop quiz:

1. Name a brand you feel.
2. Name the last experience you had.
3. Name the last time you recommended a friend based on intimacy.

How hard was it to quickly answer those three questions?

Never forget that you are only in business
to be at the top of your organizational chart.
It’s a strategy applicable from mom and pop
to lip service at the table – literally.

Do we not really believe our churches?

It’s simple but very compelling to ask
how faith actions, week after week,
warming the pews, actually sometimes
need an insider that keeps everyone
making sure each and every decision
is in the best interest.

Try these exercises:

  • See if you can quickly find the store.
  • Find out how to stand in line.
  • See how many buttons you push.
  • See how knowledgeable you is on issues.
  • Compare how you treat reason to a friend.

In my work, I often share
my “undercover” experience
and ask humbly for things
added or subtracted
from the experience
to make it more memorable.

There are always lessons learned.

Tom Peters shares
my passion for making
“The Little BIG Things.”

He writes a list
in 10 days
in 60-90 days
in three days
in three hours
in the last week
in the last week (publicly)
in the last month
in the last week/month.

So take a time-out and trust me.
It may work.

blackout poem, source material: “Be the Customer: Branding Exercises to Put You in the Customer’s Shoes”, Andrea Syverson, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, pp. 11-12

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

5. 10 ways to improve your “and subsequently”

All we know is tricks of the trade enough to use them in their simplest form.

  • Include a letter to add a personal touch to your letter to the president of your firm. The letter can be printed and mailed. You can use this type of letter to explain your philosophy. Whatever you message, adding bursts alert children to the prize inside the box (a star-shaped graphic with a copy line inside).
  • Draw a reader with special fake handwriting.
  • Insert items at the last minute (this can be a tell). Because people like to be “in”, the usefulness of information will encourage more order – from hardware to screw selection to clean and care for filters.
  • Expensive people won’t throw a hardback binder – it’s too bulky.
  • You get two advantages: First, three-dimensional objects. Second, a fine example of a sealant that prevents leaks in pipe sections when you bolt them together stuck to a photo of a pipe flange in real life put through a series of simple tests (accomplished in five minutes) to demonstrate effectiveness.
  • Include a complete list of 300 or 3,000 names. See such a list in print makes a powerful impression.
  • Think: “Everybody in the world can drive, mail or phone.”
  • Leave enough space so it won’t be misplaced. With this in hand, you can tell them, “The BRE is a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope the prospect can use to mail to order form or spec sheet back to you.”
  • Think: “My prospect works in an office. He has a supply of envelopes. He doesn’t care about a flag.”
  • A number of people say the appropriate next step: Make industrial buyers high to boost sales and inquiries of big-ticket industrial equipment with a pound of chili powder along with a little imagination.

blackout poem, source material: “Standout Performance: 10 ways to improve your B-to-B catalog (and subsequently) your direct mail,” Bob Bly, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, pp. 13-14.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

6. Make Your Me Even

Is a new funnel to douse fires a better way?

Communications have the answer. There is a non-technical way to make tools together. Let’s learn how. Share the experience with me in a nutshell.

  • Demand phrases – for instance, “a 57-character relationship” or “a new phone system moments after spotted and noticed.”
  • Discover evolving, nurturing and capturing conversations that are worth having, conversing in ways that generate processes in various stages, like when someone expresses frustration with listening and assessing what it hears beyond the communication.

By aligning fishing, the idea is to:

  1. express intent
  2. reveal qualitative details about “hook”
  3. connect to the boat

The moment of truth in this sequence is step No. 3. You must be flexible, navigate toward destinations – but one of those destinations is always you.

Advise on

  • how to,
  • when,
  • where,
  • why, and
  • how to – more often.

Here’s how it works: pointed tidbits, hand-picked targets, a single providing a candid, forward vision of global opinion.

As hooks, the goal is simple: prompt insights that reveal a reason to call Jones.

  • Choose topics by following a simple video. Give viewers a reason to think differently about the next video.
  • Clip details staging a comeback, a tic off a hand, reasons why it might be time to consider noting a way to give in in other words.

Emotionally driven videos contain no explicit action, but they’re
remarkably effective at generating length.

In humans is as old as our species, the emergence of rudimentary technology catching up with life should be embedded in everything we do.

blackout poem, source material: “Social Dollars & Cents: Make Your Social Media Channel Generate Revenue by Aligning It With Sales”, Jeff Molander, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, p. 15, 28.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

7. In Things Do

Weight loss sounds like grams, but that’s not true. It’s “serendipitous,” sandwiched between the meaning of a Beatles song and the status of actor Sean Murray “getting so terribly thin.” The relevance of the answer is part of the reason – even as of May 10, 2001.
But the main reason? Classify the phrase: “hardly an accident,” “are largely responsible for,” “the biggest source of growth,” “what helped create the screen,” “everything he wanted,” “he had the soft Central Command and he’d shed the weight of phrases through Excel.” Positive attitude also deserves its story, believed to be ailing into legacy. It’s a chance order, a steadily increasing stream. Discover the passing behavior designed specifically for the belief. The mission hence provides the answer dropped: 14 months without alcohol and no sugar. Strictly organic.

We have a pretty small digital advertising manager taking a closer look at the hole, most importantly, where we go into our niche. We were seeing more eyeballs and more people
in those areas so that’s where we really looked to deliver a quest, then show the ropes,
hunt another serendipitous event – lucky 13, watch demonstration, folk-thinking. This is exactly the kind of home for a trial. Start testing them and watch them draw.
The test involved intelligence of expectation of 2010, fully operational in addition to a day. In some ways, the easy part – it’s what you do with all the other pieces. First and foremost, there’s everybody working on things like hard work. Those select to fit become the next of three levels certified for release based on what they were telling us.

We just started the beginning towards an end. So it was really a perfect storm, engaged on phenomenal charge, all comers concentrating on Divine Intervention – such as sporadic national attention and the bottom line. As a person, I can point to a number of days, a rise is weeks, a particular event, a couple of high-profile police shootings. There’s a lot of interest in suspects, tracks, big buckets, sections of ore – to name a few. A whole different level not for “entertainment.” So instead of following the legacy, force that bucket to capture land and others who want to see dozens of things from nowhere. It’s exciting to see the kind of things you combine – town, neighborhood, family or kids – and you just see all the combinations involving the idea of the utility of the weekend.

Help us say very direct and clear:
“People can relate to love because they understand it as part of training.”
“How to visit addresses clearly not specific enough.”
“They’re not actually working; they’re just using the system.”
“Representatives can call potential agencies who can facilitate paper plans.”
“Consider whether to bulk up with one year McMuscles.”

blackout poem, source material: “Finding ‘Things to Do’”, Heather Fletcher, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, pp. 16-18, 20.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

8. BASE contact

Largely thanks to the available driver’s seat,
in addition to radio, omnipresent emergence,
new options are becoming aware of ultimate reality,
the always-on, always-connected, 24/7 targets.
At the end of a funnel, they’re the center of –
and the beginning of – constant communication,
that power, the constant flow of information that
results in highly personalized and appealing control.

It’s important to create an environment where control
creates a flow of communication. Use communication
at the consumer to build communication. Consider
perception and its promises. Know how to communicate
the value of perception and satisfaction, overall awareness
of the communication-affected perception. This will
be your basis. Measuring helps determine how to
communicate. How much did they speak of creating

a correlation model? What does that mean for you?
How can a combine know how often to communicate?
Step 1: first, Steps 2-3: pinpoint the most likely scen-
arios to achieve those desired results. This means the
main objective is to capture each individual. Does this
person want to communicate the decision paths (a
decision path incorporates everything a person does
and how he or she behaves on the path)? Capture a

pilot? Target a representative? Cluster A wants to hear
early an often in an educational tone Cluster B? In practice,
hundreds of millions could successful change communication
from a one-step to a two-step process while generating a
positive impact critical to gathered and analyzed perception,
a lifetime integrated process, a contact now able to directly
translate into listening, preferred gathering and responding and
ultimately knowing when and through what individuals shouldn’t be.

blackout poem, source material: “Tuning In: 5 Steps to Finding the Contact Means and Frequency that Will Get Your Customer to Buy”, Rob Becker, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, pp. 23-24

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

9. Double Secrets

Perhaps you are a purge upcoming.

Ever wonder how people view
overlapping duplicates?

The first step is recognizing that
cats must be linked. What does
this mean? Finding the common
contact. While not possible, the
trick is selecting the same rules.

Don’t skimp on your exchanges
or even on simple punching by
excluding practice. A better ap-
proach is to contact matches with
records. Each of the records on
the chart are the best records.

This raises some questions: Could
higher quality make any difference?
Should filters be applied to the answers?

Setting up rules involves many
frequencies, maintenance and
diligence. Also, the converse
is true and equally important:

there is an increasing the valid
calculating the number of times
better removing

the results
come in turn
attention towards the strategies
used before the execution responses
may come in the form of
communications may cover the range of simple
questions might be beneficial linear cause and effect.

Whenever possible capture each
variety of intelligence whether you
are working weekly monthly or a
couple of times a year information
learned need not be lost for forward
thinkers build and maintain long-term
insights provide a platform for evaluating
accurate calculations.

Consider the possibilities real-time as they
are received, and reaching back to our
opening coordination is greatly simplified.

Do enough.

Make sure your task
is in your future back.

blackout poem, source material: “Double Vision: The Secrets of Merging Online and Offline Databases”, Eric Smith, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, pp. 25-26.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

10. Last Trill Be Saved

When I saw this, I blanched on the wall of a colleague’s firm in Hong Kong:

Dear Sir,

Please note that we have a state of affairs most unsatisfactory
and the practice must cease forthwith, otherwise it will be
necessary for you to be closed.


P. Mandal
Bangalore Branch

After 50 years of writing letters, with a supercilious attitude I came to the conclusion that this was stiff wording.

It sums up everything hopelessly lost in crisis – a solemn, all-important, red, incomprehensible and ruinous spot on the DNA of everybody in business.

All business is the business of avoiding customers
who cannot remember losing trillions of dollars.

Free eyeballs
will follow a story on
dinner in Baltimore,
Nutsy Fagan,
the eye bank,
slicing and dicing
bills etched in my brain.

The great guru – memorized and heeded – could have been any idea that you can’t illustrate with a crayon.

blackout poem, source material: “Famous Last Words: Trillions Might Have Been Saved”, Denny Hatch, “Target Marketing”, June 2011, p. 34.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.