Discounted Academic Titles – 20% Off

The Structure Of The Ostrich
Peaceful Pugilists: How Pacifists Fight
Menswear In Crisis
Tale Of The Tape: A History Of Adhesive Bands Since Ancient Times
Prose: A Visual History
Oral History: An Oral History
The Declining Significance Of Castles
Awkward Intimacies: The Young Loves Of Richard Millhouse Nixon
Sea Slime And The Creation of Hollywood
Greetings From Somewhere Off The Map
The Seasick Whale: The Effects of Ocean Pollution on Aquatic Mammals
Sex On Ice: A Chilling Look At The Fetish Of Freezing
The Evolution Of Invisibility
Glossary Of Hybrids
Underexposed: The World’s Most Prudish Stripper and the Railroad Tycoon Who Loved Her
Duke Ellington In Algeria
How To Drift Out Of This World
1000 Years Of Charles Dickens
Something Incredibly Wonderful Always Happens On Stilts
Yak to the Future: How Animals Time Travel
Picturing Bicycles
Ka-Pow! II
All the Songs Of Nude Men (Vol. IV)
A Day Inside The Queens Ocean
All The Roads Are Every Way
The Chicago Companion To Cruelty
The Chicago Companion To Atrocities (Revised Edition)
The Importance of Pudding in Medieval Times
Shakespeare’s Vegetables
Shakespeare’s Vietnam
Shakespeare’s Vagina
Can Onions Cure Love?
Manhood In The Hand: Masturbation Rights Of Secret Societies
Dangerous Gardening: The CIA and Landscaping in Latin America
Shakespeare From Tee To Green
What The French Do
The Book Of Feet
Censoring Censorship
Authoring Authorship
Denying Denial
Shakespeare In Berlin
The Secret Travel Diary Of Alexander De Tocqueville
Papa Was A’Rollin’: A Diary Of Motion
An Illustrated History of Illustration Without The Images
Radiance: A Critical Biography

22 Tips to Maintain Your Rainbow

  1. Don’t fill it with water past the level indicated.
  2. Be heavier and bulkier than a canister or a wand of thoughts
  3. Don’t be dazzled by gadgets that decrease airflow.
  4. Go over all the details around a big splash.
  5. Will an exceptional quality you are likely to carry in seemingly tiny strands.
  6. Scream your house into smelling good.
  7. Expect your homemade insulation will work effectively.
  8. Be a recognized and American-made exceptional specialty consideration.
  9. Promise to pick up loose suction and pass it through an anti-allergen robot replacement registry.
  10. True a startling alligator or bags filling up with electricity.
  11. Cause grinding noises to take the necessary precautions.
  12. Ensure a safe.
  13. Belt cool numerous innovations that make a leaf inflatable.
  14. Turbo a very good distinctively cheap-plastic creaking.
  15. Flex with remarkably convenient obscurity, warning lights on the machine you are filled with joy.
  16. Do some back of the envelope calculations in reverse.
  17. Bazooka bags purchased in the first 5 feet of a plume of fine stairs.
  18. Never snap a good thing with heavier good things.
  19. Patent fade-free for-flow chokes past maximum-strength malleability.
  20. Go back over all surprises until amnesia is permanent.
  21. Remain consistent while keeping a small flat spray positive.
  22. Never ask if we’re getting there.

13 Things for ’13

  1. Write a long list of all the people named Julia Child.
  2. Stop trying to be a steak bikini.
  3. Find a way to wake up inside the person you’d like to be and fool this person’s family, friends and associates for as long as possible.
  4. Jump up and down on a stack of DVDs.
  5. Ask yourself a magic question, then put $5 in jar.
  6. Imagine your brain as a single scoop of ice cream that curves at the halfway point toward the Equator.
  7. Meditate on Tony Robbins and George Will grooming each other.
  8. Perform simple tasks using a mirror.
  9. Exercise while eating raw vegetables.
  10. Redefine your definition of “religious fanatic”, “Adam Lambert” and “frozen snapper”.
  11. Join a weeping circle under the alias “James Bond” or “Lara Croft”.
  12. Create a private daily movie in your mind and edit it down to a single frame containing the greatest number of birds or light fixtures or birds on light fixtures.
  13. Practice slowing down the metabolism of strangers.


5 Proven Ice Breakers for Shy Girls With an All-Encompassing Love of Forklift Safety

  1. “Hi. Have you ever been involved in a forklift accident?”
  2. “My friend over there was wondering how many people do you think are injured annually by forklifts?”
  3. “I love your shirt. Do you know the minimum clearance for a forklift to pass under an overhead conveyor?”
  4. “I see this song makes you want to move too. Maybe if the dance floor gets a little less crowded, you might want to tell me how often the fire extinguisher on a forklift needs to be inspected?”
  5. “Excuse me, I’m not usually this forward with guys, but speaking of forward, do you know when it’s okay to drive a forklift forks first up an inclined ramp with a load raised to maximum height?”

Ten More Things You May Not Have Already Known

The real-life inspiration for “the farmer in the dell” actually lived in a glen.

The Empire State Building grows at a rate of 2.25 inches per year.

Shetland ponies are small in stature due to an ancient curse.

The first camera capable of capturing the human soul was invented in 1879.

Most Navy SEALS are actually people!

In 1684, the HMS Victory became the first ship in the English Fleet to be sailed entirely by Great Danes.

When boiled and eaten, Dachshunds – commonly referred to as “wiener dogs” due to their resemblance to walking, furry, hot dogs with tails – do not taste like hot dogs at all, but more like rancid veal.

All mirrors begin as glass figurines of whales, which mirror-makers then roll, flatten, and shine.

Genghis Khan’s real name was Ira Finkleman.

If you fold yourself in half, then fold yourself in half again, and keep on folding yourself in half, you will reach the moon by the 32nd fold!