Alternate Log Lady Intro – Moving Forward

moving forward
are you moving forward?
we are told we must keep moving forward

but aren’t we are all moving forward
in some way to some place?
it is the pacing that has us restless

we look around and some appear to be moving forward faster than we are
and we fear we are being left behind
and yet we do not see them at a distance

could what we call moving forward
be merely moving sideways to a different place
a better place?

Carol got me one of the best Christmas presents EVER this past Christmas – the Gold Box Set of “Twin Peaks”. The package includes the brief episode intros from the Log Lady that David Lynch created when the series was syndicated to Bravo. To me they’re like: “If David Lynch attempted to write poetry, what would it sound like? What would be its tone? What themes would it wrestle with? ” Maybe that’s totally off the mark, but being “a poet” v. “a filmmaker,” that’s how I choose to interpret them, and somehow they’re even more enjoyable that way for me – these great little David Lynch poems voiced through a character gently cradling a log.