Farewells That Never Reached Critical Mass (#1)

Until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand,
Like a strip of uncooked bacon and keep you from the pan.

An Inconvenient Truth of America’s Puritan Work Ethic

Don’t put off for tomorrow those
witch-hangings you can do today.

Four Strings Don’t Make a Net?

Four strings don’t make a net?
I can make a net from one,
if you keep feeding me the same string
until I say I’m done.

What’s The Best Thing For A Cyclist To Do When Confronted By An Aggressive Dog?

to love



or simply
peddle faster.

For You Fans of Worms

For you fans of worms
there’s no need to shout.

Our worm eats the bird
from the inside out.


A cold turtle.

This fell from the sky and into K’s hands

Such is the importance of punctuality in the life of a mortician.

Just Where Does Hope Come From?

Near the San Juan Mountains in Southwestern Colorado.

I Am A Blind Goodbye


Message to Sweeden

Hey Sweden,
Know something we don’t?
E-mail us.

one of the human errors

in reason
out feelings