Great Things! no. 9


Great Things! (no. 8)

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Great Things! (no. 6)

In a recent poll conducted by the Fallup Group, a new edition of Great Things! on MonsterBeGood ranked as the third most prevalent answer to the question “What is a common sign of the coming of Spring?” just behind “The days getting longer,” and “Babe Ruth rising from the grave to take what is his.” Here’s wishing you a splendiferous Spring and many Great Things!

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Great Things! (no. 5)

An independent research study has recently concluded that chickens that are read Great Things! aloud for two hours a day produce not only a greater number of eggs, but eggs that, when allowed to hatch, result in a hybrid kitten/puppy that is even more delicious in omelettes than normal eggs. Here’s wishing you Great Things!

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Great Things! (no. 4)

absurdist aphorisms

GREAT THINGS!!! (no. 3)

Great Things! is the occasional MonsterBeGood extra-super-strength booster shot of motivational get-up-and-go along with a full day’s supply of American Psychological Association-recommended daily inspiration all wrapped up in one convenient easy-to-read blog post. No messy powders to mix. No hard-to-swallow pills. No need to roll up your sleeves or drop your drawers for a needle. If you’d like to roll up you sleeves and drop your drawers anyway, that’s really your own business. Now onto Great Things!

Great Things!