Psalm for Winter

You are not the gal who’s looking for Frontline flea and tick treatment for her rabbi.

You do not develop into a separate, fatal species.

You are not the steady slide far in excess of what a 215-pound man needs if his arm or leg is stuck in a crocodile’s mouth.

You give yourself to us in many, partially-digested small amounts of vegetables and whole grains.

You give yourself to us as serious injuries when bunnies fight.

You give yourself to us as the kind of guy who sprints into a plague from time to time
or surrounds the carpet with pillows or something soft whose less-varied teeth have a more dense understory.

Do not you live in heavy forests,
inhabit desert areas,
inhabit the black bear
often found near sobbing
in a black T-shirt and black jeans
so full of toxic napalm
evaporated gas and chemical nutrients?

You who guard a 5 square mile area of berries, nuts, roots, pinecones, and pine –
you will be forever.

Teach us how to shut down in anticipation.

You who cannot easily be taken outside and hosed down,
who are capable of aggressive behavior even when happy,
you shower, then secrete pheromones in a mix of oatmeal,
you have a glider with a thin layer of false-time vegetarian heaven,
you go completely unnoticed by the passive landlord,
you eat your way into a pond without feeling a bit weighed down.

What we think ultimately doesn’t matter.
What you think reveals the Why.

Is it that we believe depleted remembers where every flower fails
or that we fail to announce visitors,
suck wool or clothing,
avoid eye contact when passing lessons learned on the mat?

You, whose body uses taurine, too, but it doesn’t have to get it from meat,
You, who feel no new kinds of pressures to make sense of microderm abrasion,
You, whose mind always clears the bar of light and that within –
what state is yours?
Is it mourning clownfish,
hunting a species of wild turkey
or particular pieces of a specific mansion?

You lunge closely to timed baths,
You serve no camouflage,
You purpose seasons to not fully coincide
with a strong urge to chew an iguana.

Tell us which delights will lead to Kidney failure.

You will come back from right, left, top, under,
beyond cute, and, yes, with a lot of toys and things.

You will come from the forests of Central and South America.
You will come from the fields of Buffalo.
You will come from Massive and Muscled generations
tamed, clean and committed to whatever the case may be.

You get down to business.
You make a handstand possible.
You litter us with pellets,
cover us with a curious mountain.
You recommend the nectar of high-octane go juice.
You pull the blankets over the New Year or our tomorrows,
You tunnel into the earth
In this, you contribute to our life.

We hang upside-down, exhausted and with a cold.

Give us definitive prescriptions for what we ought to do
or accept us as part of the evening.

Give us a replacement for the thing we truly need
and let us think that it is the thing.

Or give us a parrot –
of the very extraordinary talking kind.