faster than ever slower than you

faster than ever
slower than you

on a bicycle

tucked away in the sun
is the next day

and all
the days
it chases

two drowsy loosely fully spooning mooning pairs of eyes

survive as lies
loose jacket lint
a new day’s compromise

how alike we are

hold me not
in the sunlight

hold me not
in the spotlight

hold me not
on the dance floor
or under the microscope

hold me
behind the walls

that hold
your secrets

and I
will tell you
how alike we are

engine melted black

did you think the fire would
last forever?

boxed peaceful

do you know those
boxed peaceful
made peaceful
under grain

beaten by the rain
all summer
then again

they all had
the same journeys
they all have
the same name

beaten by the rain
all summer
then again

diamonds to another world

the woman looks to her

to the lady with the

one on
a bed

on one
a bare floor

with half
the planks gone

we pull out our hair
to reveal our thoughts

we tear out the sand
to reveal

to another world

flowers of the ocean

somewhere dead petals
flung on live shores
where their color contrasts with the sands
flowers of the ocean
where are your hands
and weeds of the sea
what were your demands
and what have you done wrong
to wind up here
on rusted metal
crushed cans of beer
listening to this summer’s song
under the boardwalk stands

instructions not included

stole a long train
on a short track
on a drunken teenage dare
shoveled coal all night
to keep the caboose filled
didn’t get me anywhere

“Don’t jinx me!”

Demo Pilot,
You’ve done this a hundred times before.

smoke sister

register the rhyme
smoke sister

treat colors
as breaks in the grey