incomplete haiku

incomplete haiku

Philism 1


ASK I: “I am a new something?”

Q: I am a suit and other formal office wear. I’m a new something?

A: Casual sin codes have been pervasive since the mid-90’s (A.D.)

Some people continue to be boundaries.

Test to question.

Keep still – at work, in the world – to be mindful.

Wear the casual telegraph with casual ur cleavage.

Never envision a leg too tight to button.

Polish boots with pants.

Keep the emergency visits wrinkle-free.

Dress with a jack.

Try to fit into a culture not necessary.

Interview the safe.

Don’t freak out if you appear everybody you see. When you’re that well, you won’t be vetoed.

Sneak, just because.

Ever careless, keep your cable!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 3/19/15

in situ, below …

newspaper blackout

Fact Four


observed broom

recall, recall
all you have swept away
her hair, her husband
all the things that made the day
her own
in her own home
before being sent away
to a lime-green room
oh, observed broom
do know soon you
will leave here too
in the same being done way
and then that is all
recall, recall

Notecard: Underwater Sleep Animals


Wilt Chamberlain Piece 1

Imagine Wilt Chamberlain churning butter.

Imagine that the Big Dipper is using a standard-size butter churn, despite the fact that he is 7’1”.

Imagine the pain shooting through up and down his spine as he is hunched over the churn.

Feel with him the humiliation of being Wilt Chamberlain, the greatest player in NBA history, being forced to churn butter in such a stooped and painful condition.

See the tears drip from Wilt the Stilt’s eyes as he endlessly churns. See him mouth the words,
“How much longer?”

Think of the inhumane cruelty involved in putting him there.

Go to your refrigerator and take out a stick of butter. After the butter softens, place a candle in the butter and light it, saying aloud “Thank you Wilt Chamberlain,” then blow out the candle.

Place butter back in refrigerator and later use on pancakes, toast, coffee rolls or wherever butter is used.

Acrobats of the Colon

“The kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach, pancreas,
large and small intestine can each
dislocate without injury –
as is well illustrated in the feats of acrobats.”

– Mao Tse-Tong

A Brief Note from the Director of the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

We hope you enjoy every bit of the
Extreme Ass Acrobats and Colon Licking Legends Orchestra
of the People’s Republic of China
and their virtuoso extreme ass acrobatics and colon licking.

Tonight, the Legends Orchestra will be colon licking
the transverse part of the colon which is usually
attached to the stomach at the point where we typically
find acrobats and fancy dancers
who later turn into extreme anus acrobats and colon licking athletes.

By way of an introduction to the apparent over-exertion of athletes,
acrobats and contortionists, the colon is commonly
disregarded in the consideration of the matter;
however, the marvelous grace, strength and agility of
their trapezees (i.e. where the ends of the fingers go)
descending from the splenic flexure of the colon down
the transverse ly — n transver ston — transverse colon (anatom)
brings us to the part of the drums of the marching bands where
the acrobats of the Colon shoots must be considered in full
to be paramount.

Now onto the performance!

Movement I

The semi-colon is used to join together

You can almost hear the clock ticking
owing to the amiability of an acrobat
up the colon

thrust into the bowels as far as the axilla

who gave up drinking and smoking
but all while still has a good Reason to Party

Movement II

Add colons where they are needed in the following sentences.
Example: Hi everyone, well I’m headed to the colon

turning left/right/using a stool, squating

I asked him, well, why can’t I push the bm out without using acrobats?
and he said it is because of my colonic inertia. Has anyone else had this
series of messages or random acrobats showing up to perform stunts
in their colon and then take those “look at my strong arm” photos?

sometimes you wake up
and the day feels a little too
“colon blossom in a nasty prolapse good to be true”
good to be true


Movement III

Part 1. Acrobatics of Electrical Appliances

The Lady is to be
Lovely detailed frogs
Perfect for your home or
circus performance
Custom Zippered pillowcase
Highly Electrical Appliances
accompanied by
Approved acrobatic maneuvers
Sampling strange noises and making a
Gymnastics Mat out of them is nothing new
to the left field producers and fans of
6 Equipment; 7 Popular culture; 8 Military training;
9 Derivative terminologies
and resistant Red Arrows Between A-list off-destinations
and early childhood /educational > Party /magic > Magic
Teaching < acrobatic equipment

Part 2. Your Colon Chooses You (Like Cats)

You can find whatever
Czech juggling stick
you want
as long as it’s a Czech juggling stick
you can trust
or a
magic Qigong props iron machine
unless related to an appliance repair,
tropical bird therapy, colon hair
& Supplies for cleaning
Cheerleaders’ Super Mini Stunts
(How they dance the mohawk home!)
I wish you could see them
in the middle of completing a
(i.e. An intentional maneuver involving an abrupt change in a coin-operated

Part 3. Find Jobs

on Furniture
on home soil

Part 4. Enemies of the Colonoscopy of the State

acrobats of the colon
be forewarned
we will be watching out for anything too
such as Balloons, cameras, jewelry and watches, knives, electrical appliances,
educated canines,
microwave ovens

Part 5. Can I spend my days dunking with Junior?

you CAN spend your days dunking with Junior.
You already know the Longest Flip Dunk-Over Appliances
The clear message in that
atmospheric music
interspersed with
Soft-Radio Controlled-Dancing
Car Dance dance grooves & moves
including leads that are tested, tagged and
down with The Acrobatic Gerbil look
that usually travels from town to
freezer and then remains stored for long periods of time
in a vacuum cleaner
you will find
a specialist provider of consumer focused
aquatic Handstand Bowls
Apollo Diagonal Cereals ·
choreographing washing machines
thinking of customers’ needs beyond
dancers in a new show
outside the boat
or not attached to any
theatrical purpose or activity
for safety reasons
from the least expensive to most popular

Part 6. Pet Dance Course in Juggling

4 Channels in
a 6 Axis Gyroscope

for Arial

that never exceed the speed of 250 knots
and the factors used for part 23


Special After the Performance Q&A

Audience members are invited after the show to come up to the stage
for an informal and informational Q&A with members of the Extreme Ass Acrobats and Colon Licking Legends Orchestra of the People’s Republic of China.

Bring your questions and your colons!

This That

Visual poetry

the sun shot through like thorough thread

when the strips of stippled tippy tips
unfold their eyes and part their lips
there’s a blanket statement in the rips
that gets barely read

the sun shot
through like thorough thread
and we’re dead, boys,
yes, we’re dead

when the rips of rippled steppy stops
uncoiled to clouds let down their drops
there’s a supposition in the grey rooftops
that on sunny days are red

and the sun shot
through like thorough thread
and we’re dead, boys,
yes, we’re dead

when the rooftops ragged runny rips
unblock cloud rivers poured as drips
there’s a stilled petition on frozen lips
that’s mixed with all we’ve bled

and the sun shot
through like thorough thread
and we’re dead, boys,
yes, we’re dead