Discounted Academic Titles – 20% Off

The Structure Of The Ostrich
Peaceful Pugilists: How Pacifists Fight
Menswear In Crisis
Tale Of The Tape: A History Of Adhesive Bands Since Ancient Times
Prose: A Visual History
Oral History: An Oral History
The Declining Significance Of Castles
Awkward Intimacies: The Young Loves Of Richard Millhouse Nixon
Sea Slime And The Creation of Hollywood
Greetings From Somewhere Off The Map
The Seasick Whale: The Effects of Ocean Pollution on Aquatic Mammals
Sex On Ice: A Chilling Look At The Fetish Of Freezing
The Evolution Of Invisibility
Glossary Of Hybrids
Underexposed: The World’s Most Prudish Stripper and the Railroad Tycoon Who Loved Her
Duke Ellington In Algeria
How To Drift Out Of This World
1000 Years Of Charles Dickens
Something Incredibly Wonderful Always Happens On Stilts
Yak to the Future: How Animals Time Travel
Picturing Bicycles
Ka-Pow! II
All the Songs Of Nude Men (Vol. IV)
A Day Inside The Queens Ocean
All The Roads Are Every Way
The Chicago Companion To Cruelty
The Chicago Companion To Atrocities (Revised Edition)
The Importance of Pudding in Medieval Times
Shakespeare’s Vegetables
Shakespeare’s Vietnam
Shakespeare’s Vagina
Can Onions Cure Love?
Manhood In The Hand: Masturbation Rights Of Secret Societies
Dangerous Gardening: The CIA and Landscaping in Latin America
Shakespeare From Tee To Green
What The French Do
The Book Of Feet
Censoring Censorship
Authoring Authorship
Denying Denial
Shakespeare In Berlin
The Secret Travel Diary Of Alexander De Tocqueville
Papa Was A’Rollin’: A Diary Of Motion
An Illustrated History of Illustration Without The Images
Radiance: A Critical Biography