there’s paper – and then there’s paper

newspaper blackout

From the President

My question is more common than most
and it deserves our full attention:

How are we going to afford
the most honest answer,
an unpopular admission,
expensive hands
or the reality of the spiral?

We offer even more!

Far more!

The greatest possible
to most of all!

In both
qualitative terms:
“The true value”

It’s not
“How are we going?”
Instead it’s
“Why do something?”

With every affirmation due a value…

We know anything –
inspired by a starting salary –
that rise to
combine with the norm,
not the exception.

We are also
very competitive
and more –
last measured
much closer to First
than Home
(an important consideration
when measured against
just above.)

A second
to those

“How can we, in a modern, global society, afford all those who believe in
unique enduring value?”

blackout composition, source: “From the President”, Fr. Kevin Gillespie, St. Joseph’s University Alumni Magazine (Fall 2013).

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blackout composition

ASK I – “How can I make the most?”

Q: I have one decent room that I keep packed full and a line I don’t want. I am thinking about converting the line into space. How can I make the most?

A: Consider the figure space (like California).

Close a can. Make every nook the ceiling.

Don’t audition in a special closet.

Plan to lose many pairs of shoes.

Allow your robe to expand over the years.

Check velvet-lined jewelry.

Be see-through.

Don’t stash a chest of drawers inside a hog.

Space in a smaller space can sometimes stack.

Draw 18 three-act ideas.

Make the most of ice (like New York).

Coif you organ.

Fit together so you’ll be able to be a gap you need to fill.

Hop more.

Turn your room into a long shelf.

Hang over print secured with string.

Tie a tail.

Steam can add character to your surroundings.

Hold a rare ear, use the lamp as a board!

blackout composition; source: “Ask Teri,” Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 3/14/13.

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blackout advice column

Picking Pieces

Live from a local station
on top of a tornado,
I express rush to pit again
to erase that rubble,
depart outside,
turn over, destroy and
snap in half,
walk around the silent sounding
leaking fact.

I tried to change the building
I had been
for so long
there was no real code
for quick changes.

All I fought
I had to absorb in
moving, building,
changing my entrances and exits,
increasing space,
using specific materials.

I didn’t want to leave
and I thought things back to normal.

I had an experience once.

I reopen piecemeal, rough,
and my home is still
vacant volume
I think
part of just being
visible speaking
and trying to get back to
the right thing the right way.

Blackout composition, source: “Picking Up the Pieces”, by John Carney, Entrepreneur Magazine, January 2013.

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blackout: picking pieces

Ask I: “How do you clean these things?”

Q: At a party last night I had many people waxed. They have a leathery look and are really very unique looking. My problem is: How do you clean these things?

A: More interesting new today’s make super-shiny, leathery distress.

Wax all the reason to ruin.

Wax everyday (which means too often).

Brace yourself for results that might vary according to a finish.

Your safest route is to follow photos of before and after – at least, if you have some.


Store defective merchandise in the customer.

Phone or help steer the right people.

Hang on to a premium fuse.

Dry by freezing for a few days inside a zip-lock bag.

Spot a note that suggests a machine for a coated cannon.

A detail made polyester last.

Before washing your wax, turn inside out.

Water the gentle, deter the line!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, by Teri Again, The Wall Street Journal, 3/27/13.

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blackout advice column

What Have Been

I have waited all my life and the decades before I was born. I was born then stolen. I wanted to crumble.

If you can chip out a man, a series of events start to unfold that can only be described as stunning, absolutely stunning. They occur up to Christmas Day itself.

The world looked left. The French Revolution continues on. In this chamber, the imprisoned poet arrested the President. He received a house.

In spite of that – now listen to my next words, because I believe them – I know I am correct. Thank God.

I have a suspicion that some people matter, horrible things have taken place.

Just 72 hours ago they were predicting that would be shortly history. But history remains pluperfect. It did not happen.

So I am going to take this broad out and, in general, repeat what I said for forty years, at least, back to when I was 16 years of age — and I am 56 now.

I have been described as a “big person” whether cast as a Communist or anti-Communist.

Well, let us start off with today. Begin in the morning. The morning after. The morning after hangover – violet, remarkable, far from complete, still entrenched, raw, deeply a mess.

Help from Washington? When? When, God willing, on April 25? Or right now?

How many times did I bank a penny and of course was ignored by many people.

Many people say that good news deserves to be savored while fresh failure is secret.

I guessed wrong about the outcome of a victory. I stole the country that was stolen back.

I hate to read – a line is still a ghost.

At every meeting we should recall the ground into rubble.

Tank treads walked across my younger son. Dreaming that this could happen, I continue in isolation.

I pause for a prayer. Please, God, please give the people of Cuba the exhilarating thrill that people are feeling in Lithuania over the weekend.

And just across that little gulf in time? You bet it does end.

blackout composition, source: remarks by Rep. Robert Dornan, The Congressional Record 101st Congress, February 27, 1990, pp. H200-H202.

Ask I: “I want to start to have ideas?”

Q: I wed where the brides really love. I want to start to have ideas?

A: Can an attractive accent make eyes look much wider and more expressive – much better than a false eye that you carefully remove at the end of the day?

Apply to school!

Compliment your eyes to help you get the hang of handling them.

Drugs are fine (you’ll need magnifying adhesive).

Make clean hands and everything your hands touch should be clean.

Ideally, your eyes shouldn’t shout at you.

Don’t go overboard by a thick liquid.

Remove the eye in malls that specialize in eye glue – the natural ones.

Take up to an hour to stay until you own a shed.

Many doctors frown on.

The varied hygiene of the opera, the risk of falling into corn!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, by Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 2/13/13.

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blackout advice column

How Can I Manage?

It’s important to learn how to recognize, learn to develop (what is one person may not be another), come from happy events (a new marriage, job promotion, new home) as well as unhappy events (illness, overwork, family problems).

What is your body’s response to releasing adrenaline (a hormone)?

You breathing and heart rate speed up and you deal with the situation. The problems come when you remain off for days or weeks at a time (bad!).

Speaking to a group watching a close football game can be stressful, but fun, too. The key is to manage unhealthy responses in some people.

How do you feel?

Each of us, in different ways, may have physical signs, emotional signs or both.

  • I can make you feel angry, afraid, excited or helpless.
  • I can make it hard to sleep.
  • I can give you aches in your head, neck, jaw and back.
  • I can lead to habits like smoking, drinking, overeating or drug abuse.
  • You may not even feel I at all, even though your body suffers from I.

How can I cope with I?

Taking steps will help you feel more in control of your here.

  • Try “I-talk” – turn negative thoughts into I-ones. For example, “I do this,” “I do the best.”
  • Take a day to sit and think of a peaceful situation.
  • Walk a bike.
  • Let the tension in your body help you feel better.
  • Try to do at least one thing every day, even if you only do it for 15 minutes.

How can I live?

You may want to live a life.

  • Think about some things. For example, people who bother you or driving in traffic.
  • Learn to say, “Promise?”
  • Up the alcohol, cigarettes or caffeine.
  • Try to “race” time to get important things done.
  • Sleep each night.
  • Organize “To Do” lists one at a time.

blackout composition, source: “How Can I Manage Stress?”, a double-sided 1-page handout published by the American Heart Association.

My company had an on-site health screening sponsored by Chester County Hospital and I grabbed a couple of handouts and started blacking this out while waiting to move on to the next station. Starting the blackout actually did reduce my stress-level that day.

And since, in all likelihood, I’ll never mention Chester County Hospital on MBG ever-again…

…I feel the need to thank them and my company for a few years ago bringing two 8-week smoking-cessation programs (a couple years apart) to my office. Although I failed (miserably) to quit during the duration of both of the organized programs, once I finally went all-in on quitting, I HEAVILY relied on the strategies and coping mechanisms I learned in those two courses and wouldn’t have been able to quit without them.

So if you smoke, and you want to quit, and you’re lucky enough to get in an organized program – do it and don’t feel bad if you fail. What you learn there you’ll draw on when you’re ready to succeed – even though at the time it might seem totally impossible.

Now back to the usual shenanigans…

Ask I: Fit to Tin

Question: I dent my family. I would like a desk?

Answer: If you’re someone at the moment too “set aside” for a number, stretch a can.

First of all, close your building, the grocery store and the shopping mall. Take the elevator, the halls and stairs if there’s time. If you have a large file, take your floor.

If you have the pace, run.

Sit during lulls.

A hand is a simple muscle.

An elastic band is another.

While sitting at your desk, don’t forget your neck, shoulders, back, chest, wrists, abdominal muscles, buttocks, thighs and calves. They help you.

Break your computer every 30 minutes. Watch for blood.

Blackout composition, source: “Fitting Exercise into Daily Routine”, Mitchell “Dr. H” Hecht, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1/7/13.

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blackout advice column

More Beef!


As dawn breaks over meat,
pull up doors,
ground (trucks or area),
cult followings
among the nibbling region

their appearance
in real estate
in lower Manhattan
as the actual meat
worked the night away
sold or leased
and moved
from New Jersey.

Give them a tank and – just like that – you have a war.

Whose pub, kitchen, tavern, empire has delivered
a third-generation side tunnel?

Sell the sizzle
as food
Meat Men!


So do we meat
a hundred miles away?
Interview meat?
Favor meat?

How do YOU fight meat?
Shock eight 6-ounce, short-rib burger patties?
Specialize in grass meats?
Claim to “customize” “beef”?
Tomahawk a steak house?
“Unlike” meat?

Big Brand Beef Custom Beef blends burgers with chefs to devise proprietary, precise proportions of chuck, sirloin, brisket and a 100 percent dry-aged chef.

Almost Not A Burger
is now
50 Percent Special Blend!

and left
with beef,
about 600 pounds
of beef
a day,
five days
a week –
no stranger
to meat.

As steaks, from steak
(all the meat referred to)

Meat sooner or later will be the bridesmaid and vice versa.

blackout composition, source: “More Phila. Beef Has Out of Town Brand”, Micharl Klein, Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/8/12.

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