incomplete haiku

incomplete haiku

Proprietary Bar Code

Bar Code

Bucket Lists of Limited Scope and Ambition: List 5


  1. Jump from a moving train.
  2. Eat food off the ground like a chicken.

Bucket Lists of Limited Scope and Ambition: List 4

  1. Pump my own gas.
  2. Eat an avocado.

Short Poem of the Russians

Our wickedly ugly women
wallow in the gutter.

It’s hard to ignore
More Than 70 Pigeons Found
in your Filthy Home
singing and crying.

Arnold R-E-A-D-S French
and he is beaten.

breathing (dadaist haiku)

collage poetry

her throat

dada collage poem

her heart

collage poetry

Technological Processes of Production


bucket list of limited aspirations

  1. rip the music I already own on CD
  2. rate the dramatic footage of a small plane crash that killed one person