9. Double Secrets

Perhaps you are a purge upcoming.

Ever wonder how people view
overlapping duplicates?

The first step is recognizing that
cats must be linked. What does
this mean? Finding the common
contact. While not possible, the
trick is selecting the same rules.

Don’t skimp on your exchanges
or even on simple punching by
excluding practice. A better ap-
proach is to contact matches with
records. Each of the records on
the chart are the best records.

This raises some questions: Could
higher quality make any difference?
Should filters be applied to the answers?

Setting up rules involves many
frequencies, maintenance and
diligence. Also, the converse
is true and equally important:

there is an increasing the valid
calculating the number of times
better removing

the results
come in turn
attention towards the strategies
used before the execution responses
may come in the form of
communications may cover the range of simple
questions might be beneficial linear cause and effect.

Whenever possible capture each
variety of intelligence whether you
are working weekly monthly or a
couple of times a year information
learned need not be lost for forward
thinkers build and maintain long-term
insights provide a platform for evaluating
accurate calculations.

Consider the possibilities real-time as they
are received, and reaching back to our
opening coordination is greatly simplified.

Do enough.

Make sure your task
is in your future back.

blackout poem, source material: “Double Vision: The Secrets of Merging Online and Offline Databases”, Eric Smith, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, pp. 25-26.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.