In Praise of Rene

collage poem

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found poem

Unofficial list of animal sightings…

Howler monkey
White-faced monkey
Squirrel monkey
2 toed sloth
3 toed sloth
Pygmy anteater
Tree boa constrictor
Spiny black lizard
Jesus christ lizard (the one that runs on water)
Various bats
Various crabs
Various birds

found poetry, source: email from by boss

My boss, Pete, just got back from vacation in Costa Rica and Guatemala and had sent the above email – with the title seen above as the subject line – in response to someone (and/or many persons) asking him, “What animals did you see down there?”. When I saw it, I immediately thought, “Holy shit! This is a great found poem!”

Room and Board

found poem

5.2 Conclusion

found poetry

found poem, source: “Remote Detection of Covert Tactical Adversarial Intent of Individuals in Asymmetric Operations”, published by the Army Research Laboratory, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, April 2010.

Reactive Aggregate Distresses

found poem

found poem, source: text from Online course module for Oregon State University College of Engineering Winter 2012 Course CE 492 “Pavement Structures”

-Liners” .-

found visual poetry

Five million tiny paper disks punched each month

found visual poetry

[This Little Bird Stayed at Home]

found visual poem

new ideas underfoot

found visual poem